Friday, February 13, 2009

A walk in the park.

We took my son to the park for the first time today. It was amazing. I LOVE watching him discover new things and experience everything for the first time. I almost cried watching him touch the grass for the first time and feel it on the bottom of his feet for the first time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well the start of my day today was rather... eventful. What started as a trip to see my mom for a few minutes at her store turned into a long drawn out fiasco when I decided to make a stop through a few neighborhoods on the way back to look at a rental house or two. My dependable little Honda has just been pushing itself to the limits. Ten minutes from home and the poor thing gave out. Well technically the right tire called it quits. This is the 5th flat in less than 3 months. My spare even had a blow out! Finally after being towed we found out it was something to do with some part of the car scrubbing and heating the tires up every time they're put on, causing them to blow. Of course this was only discovered after standing on the side of the road for 45 minutes in 6 inch heels and skin tight jeans. WITH A 22 LB BABY ON MY HIP! My husband finally got them to tow the car and now I'm stranded until tomorrow evening without a car.

ON THE PLUS SIDE..... I think I found my house! BAH for the county we're in is almost $1500 nd the rent for this gorgeous place is only $850. IMHO, can't beat that! I think we're can schedule a viewing for the house this week, if we get the car back. And income taxes will be done this week, so hopefully that'll have us outta our apartment and in this place SOON!

And I almost forgot to mention...
I SCORED SOME FREE TICKETS TO THE HIGH MUSEUM OF ART IN ATLANTA! I'm so psyched! I got 4 tickets, and Balin gets in free, so that means me, the hub, and two friends. With V-day coming up, this is perfect timing. =]

one of those days.

Today has been one of those days that can only be summed up as... well, one of those days. It 3:25 AM and I'm just get around to writing anything. Rents a couple of days late, as my husband hasn't had any tattoo jobs lined up, and my car insurance runs out this week. Bills keep piling up, and it seems every day that the Army lifestyle could not come any quicker. I know emotionally it isn't any easy thing at all, but sometimes its so terrifying just thinking of life if everything doesn't hurry up and happen.

I don't have health insurance right now. Neither of us do. Just the baby. I wish I could smile and say, "agh its okay! We're healthy, who needs a doctor!" but of course, life wouldn't work out that way.

Ever since I've had the baby, my body has just physically been falling apart. Osteoporosis runs in my family, and it seems I won't go through life untouched. I've shrunk nearly 3 inches since I was in high school and my feet have shrunk a size and a half. Well today topped everything off, with a tooth in the back of my mouth breaking.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

And once again...

Here we go with waivers! I've learned very quickly that when it comes to the Army, there are waivers for everything!

We had a 1 o'clock meeting with the recruiter today and by 3:00 he finally showed up. Five minutes into it and he sends us home with the waiver for tattoos. So here we go again, with a long detailed description of every tattoo my hubby has. Might I add that the last time we counted, there were over 100 small tattoos, not to mention the "pieces". We went through this once with the National Guard before he decided to switch over.

The pictures are already taken though to send off for the approval, and we'll (hopefully) have the waiver filled out and sent by Monday, fingers crossed. As of now, from what we were told today, he'll most likely do his basic at Ft. Hood. I'm thinking thats in Texas?

Its only Friday and I already feel worn down.

We had two tattoo jobs today (I say we but in all reality its my husband who does the work of course, I just stand by and watch), and we have THREE large pieces tomorrow, a housewarming party for my best friend, and a promised visit to my moms house.

This weekend will, if nothing else, wear me out.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

True Happiness =]

Nothing excites me more than a new pair of heels =]


I could careless what my friends do with their personal life. Seriously, whatever the hell they choose to do, its okay with me. With that being said, I hate dealing with the aspect of controlling relationships.

I have a good friend who is in the lamest situation I could ever imagine. Its your typical girl-has-no-life-while-boyfriend-carries-on-as-usual type of deal. He doesn't allow her to have friends because he knows someone will speak up about how he treats her and maybe talk some sense into her. My husband and I (along with a few of her friends) have actually succeeded at this a time or two and she's left him for a record of a week here and there (hah), only to run back to him soon there after and explain to us how much he's changed.

This time was no different. After breaking up and even going so far as move out of his house and go out on a date here and there and hang out with a few friends, she's already with him again. Only this time instead of his controlling behavior lacking for a few days, its picked RIGHT BACK UP!!!!

Seriously though, she tells me yesterday that they're back together and that he has changed so much, only to then avoid every text and phone call from me and even blow off plans we had for the day without so much as TELLING ME! She just... avoided it all together.
Am I being a bad friend here? I can't stand it! I'm not allowed to talk to her so long as he knows, and we're definitely not allowed to see one another. She even deletes my comments on Facebook.
I can't stand sitting back and doing nothing while he treats her like shit.
Aghhhh, the perks of being a woman.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Allow me...

to introduce myself =]
and my family of course.

1. Balin (pronounced Bal-in, not Bay-lin, or Ball-in hah) 2. my husband and me and Balin sleeping the background. 3. my husband (Bon) and me @ Little 5 pts Pizza in Atlanta 4. Me...more recently. (as in...last night hah.)

Most of the time I'm just known as Bon's wife.
Or Balin's mom.
But before I was either of those, I was just Whitney.

I'm 20 years old. Live in various parts of Georgia.
I say that because I honestly don't stay in one place very long.
Since the beginning of 2007, I've moved three times.

I was your typical girl in high school, with a few exceptions.
I always had a horrible case of social anxiety which took me a long time to get over.
I dealt with a lot of tragedy at a young age, and am pretty proud of the way I have overcome all of that.

I graduated in 2006 with a 3.8 GPA.
Did pretty well for myself as far as that goes.
Went to college for a while, wasn't too into it though.
That kinda surprised me... all of my life I DREAMED of that lifestyle.
I wanted to go to college, live on campus, and stay in school as long as possible.

The turning point in my life came in November of 2006.
My dad killed himself and left my mom, my brother, and I to fend for ourselves.
With such a dysfunctional life I started really wanting a NORMAL, calm drama free lifestyle.

When I met my husband, I found that.
We married in December of 2007
and had our first child in May.
My life now seems somewhat... dare I say, perfect.
Yeah, we have our struggles here and there, but we're very happy.
I finally have everything I want.

Until now we've been living pretty comfortably on my husband's income as a tattoo artist.
The only bad thing about that is, the pay isn't always the most dependable, and there are no benefits as far as insurance and whatnot go.
So, my husband went out in the world searching for a job.
There he went, one full tattoo sleeve, another partial, both legs covered, along with his chest, back, hands, and even part of his face.
TRUST ME, we figured out really quickly that the traditional job world just wasn't going to cut it.

Then came........
the army.
At first this was just a laugh.
Then it started to become really appealing to us both.
We're pretty money motivated,
so that was obviously a plus,
and then came all of the benefits.
Full health insurance for all three of us?
Couldn't beat that.
Jobs aren't dependable anymore so of course the promise of a job in the army is nice too.

Now starts the big part of our life.
Our son is almost a year old,
we've been in our apartment almost a year and are now ready for a house,
and our Honda Accord just isn't cutting it anymore.

We looked into the Army National Guard there for a while,
and went so far as filling out all paperwork,
and waiting for a call for a MEPS shipout day.
And then came the downfall of that.
I'm on myspace quite often and have several friends in the army that I talk to through the site.
I had a few friends tell me from the beginning that maybe the Army would be a bit more beneficial for us, especially given the situation with having a child.
It took a little convincing on my part (I've always been afraid to let him join the Army because of the near guarantee of deployment) but before I knew it, we were on the phone with a recruiter.

So thats where I am now.
In two days we go sign the final enlistment paperwork.
And I'm sure I'm not even slightly prepared for the curves life is about to throw at me,
at US,
but I'm confident we're going to pull through all of this perfectly.

This turned out long and boring.... sorry.
I promise to not ramble about this stuff so much next time.