Thursday, February 5, 2009


I could careless what my friends do with their personal life. Seriously, whatever the hell they choose to do, its okay with me. With that being said, I hate dealing with the aspect of controlling relationships.

I have a good friend who is in the lamest situation I could ever imagine. Its your typical girl-has-no-life-while-boyfriend-carries-on-as-usual type of deal. He doesn't allow her to have friends because he knows someone will speak up about how he treats her and maybe talk some sense into her. My husband and I (along with a few of her friends) have actually succeeded at this a time or two and she's left him for a record of a week here and there (hah), only to run back to him soon there after and explain to us how much he's changed.

This time was no different. After breaking up and even going so far as move out of his house and go out on a date here and there and hang out with a few friends, she's already with him again. Only this time instead of his controlling behavior lacking for a few days, its picked RIGHT BACK UP!!!!

Seriously though, she tells me yesterday that they're back together and that he has changed so much, only to then avoid every text and phone call from me and even blow off plans we had for the day without so much as TELLING ME! She just... avoided it all together.
Am I being a bad friend here? I can't stand it! I'm not allowed to talk to her so long as he knows, and we're definitely not allowed to see one another. She even deletes my comments on Facebook.
I can't stand sitting back and doing nothing while he treats her like shit.
Aghhhh, the perks of being a woman.

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