Saturday, February 7, 2009

And once again...

Here we go with waivers! I've learned very quickly that when it comes to the Army, there are waivers for everything!

We had a 1 o'clock meeting with the recruiter today and by 3:00 he finally showed up. Five minutes into it and he sends us home with the waiver for tattoos. So here we go again, with a long detailed description of every tattoo my hubby has. Might I add that the last time we counted, there were over 100 small tattoos, not to mention the "pieces". We went through this once with the National Guard before he decided to switch over.

The pictures are already taken though to send off for the approval, and we'll (hopefully) have the waiver filled out and sent by Monday, fingers crossed. As of now, from what we were told today, he'll most likely do his basic at Ft. Hood. I'm thinking thats in Texas?

Its only Friday and I already feel worn down.

We had two tattoo jobs today (I say we but in all reality its my husband who does the work of course, I just stand by and watch), and we have THREE large pieces tomorrow, a housewarming party for my best friend, and a promised visit to my moms house.

This weekend will, if nothing else, wear me out.


  1. The paperwork is just beginning, sweetie. Haha. After my husband did that whole "describe every inch of ink you have" thing, he got two more on his forearms (totally not allowed) to match the two on my hipbones.

    And yes, I think with 1 in 2 marriages ending in divorce, people should just be happy for us to be young and in love. I know he's the one for me and vice versa, and waiting seven years wouldn't make a damn bit of difference!

  2. Ugh. Here's hoping that it get better for you hun!!!

    I totally understand about the military's red tape. *new follower alert!*

  3. ah the joys of waivers. My husband has been in the Marines for 12 years and he's got quite a collection of med/flying waviers since they are tearing his body apart. Just know that your husband is not the only one to be inspected, the Marines just cracked down on tattos and even though flyboy doesnt have any he still had to strip down to his itty bitty pt shorts in the middle of winter so he could be inspected. Ah to have been a fly on the wall..... : )