Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Allow me...

to introduce myself =]
and my family of course.

1. Balin (pronounced Bal-in, not Bay-lin, or Ball-in hah) 2. my husband and me and Balin sleeping the background. 3. my husband (Bon) and me @ Little 5 pts Pizza in Atlanta 4. Me...more recently. (as in...last night hah.)

Most of the time I'm just known as Bon's wife.
Or Balin's mom.
But before I was either of those, I was just Whitney.

I'm 20 years old. Live in various parts of Georgia.
I say that because I honestly don't stay in one place very long.
Since the beginning of 2007, I've moved three times.

I was your typical girl in high school, with a few exceptions.
I always had a horrible case of social anxiety which took me a long time to get over.
I dealt with a lot of tragedy at a young age, and am pretty proud of the way I have overcome all of that.

I graduated in 2006 with a 3.8 GPA.
Did pretty well for myself as far as that goes.
Went to college for a while, wasn't too into it though.
That kinda surprised me... all of my life I DREAMED of that lifestyle.
I wanted to go to college, live on campus, and stay in school as long as possible.

The turning point in my life came in November of 2006.
My dad killed himself and left my mom, my brother, and I to fend for ourselves.
With such a dysfunctional life I started really wanting a NORMAL, calm drama free lifestyle.

When I met my husband, I found that.
We married in December of 2007
and had our first child in May.
My life now seems somewhat... dare I say, perfect.
Yeah, we have our struggles here and there, but we're very happy.
I finally have everything I want.

Until now we've been living pretty comfortably on my husband's income as a tattoo artist.
The only bad thing about that is, the pay isn't always the most dependable, and there are no benefits as far as insurance and whatnot go.
So, my husband went out in the world searching for a job.
There he went, one full tattoo sleeve, another partial, both legs covered, along with his chest, back, hands, and even part of his face.
TRUST ME, we figured out really quickly that the traditional job world just wasn't going to cut it.

Then came........
the army.
At first this was just a laugh.
Then it started to become really appealing to us both.
We're pretty money motivated,
so that was obviously a plus,
and then came all of the benefits.
Full health insurance for all three of us?
Couldn't beat that.
Jobs aren't dependable anymore so of course the promise of a job in the army is nice too.

Now starts the big part of our life.
Our son is almost a year old,
we've been in our apartment almost a year and are now ready for a house,
and our Honda Accord just isn't cutting it anymore.

We looked into the Army National Guard there for a while,
and went so far as filling out all paperwork,
and waiting for a call for a MEPS shipout day.
And then came the downfall of that.
I'm on myspace quite often and have several friends in the army that I talk to through the site.
I had a few friends tell me from the beginning that maybe the Army would be a bit more beneficial for us, especially given the situation with having a child.
It took a little convincing on my part (I've always been afraid to let him join the Army because of the near guarantee of deployment) but before I knew it, we were on the phone with a recruiter.

So thats where I am now.
In two days we go sign the final enlistment paperwork.
And I'm sure I'm not even slightly prepared for the curves life is about to throw at me,
at US,
but I'm confident we're going to pull through all of this perfectly.

This turned out long and boring.... sorry.
I promise to not ramble about this stuff so much next time.


  1. Thanks for following my blog! The army is a crazy and bizarre world, but you will be fine. It isn't that bad. The most amazing people I have ever met are women I have met through our journey in the military!

    Let me know if you have any questions or need anything!

  2. your son is adorable!!!

    i was hoping that when B joined the national guard he wouldnt deploy but now we are going through our first deployment.

    so how so you like being a mommy so young? we are the same age and when i think about having a child freak out just because i dont know how i could handle havinga little life depending on me!

  3. Wow, what a story! I really love your blog. Can't wait to read more from you. =]