Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well the start of my day today was rather... eventful. What started as a trip to see my mom for a few minutes at her store turned into a long drawn out fiasco when I decided to make a stop through a few neighborhoods on the way back to look at a rental house or two. My dependable little Honda has just been pushing itself to the limits. Ten minutes from home and the poor thing gave out. Well technically the right tire called it quits. This is the 5th flat in less than 3 months. My spare even had a blow out! Finally after being towed we found out it was something to do with some part of the car scrubbing and heating the tires up every time they're put on, causing them to blow. Of course this was only discovered after standing on the side of the road for 45 minutes in 6 inch heels and skin tight jeans. WITH A 22 LB BABY ON MY HIP! My husband finally got them to tow the car and now I'm stranded until tomorrow evening without a car.

ON THE PLUS SIDE..... I think I found my house! BAH for the county we're in is almost $1500 nd the rent for this gorgeous place is only $850. IMHO, can't beat that! I think we're can schedule a viewing for the house this week, if we get the car back. And income taxes will be done this week, so hopefully that'll have us outta our apartment and in this place SOON!

And I almost forgot to mention...
I SCORED SOME FREE TICKETS TO THE HIGH MUSEUM OF ART IN ATLANTA! I'm so psyched! I got 4 tickets, and Balin gets in free, so that means me, the hub, and two friends. With V-day coming up, this is perfect timing. =]


  1. Ugh!! I used to have a Honda but then it completely shitted out on me...I think it was older than me tho. :)
    But good luck on the house..I love the kitchen and yay for free tickets!! :)

  2. That is such a nice place for only $850! I can't believe your BAH is $1500!? I'm freaking jealous. Ours is $850 and guess what, that's how much we pay on rent alone (not including utilities).

  3. nice place. started out as a rainy turned but all is well again and sunny

  4. yay I am glad things are starting to look up! That house is so adorable! I LOVE the kitchen!

  5. well at least you made your day into a more positive one and didnt dwell on the negatives :D

  6. What a beautiful place! I'm jealous! Our BAH is amazingly high up where we are but rentals are so overpriced and so trashy its a joke. I'd say snatch that place right up.

    thanks for stopping by my page!